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Most insurances are are accepted, but if you don't see your insurance provider below, please give us a call to find out.

About Us

Wondering what naturopathic restorative, holistic medicine looks like? Health Moves is your answer. Our providers are your best ally in dealing with health problems, whether chronic or new. We focus on resolving the root cause of disease instead of concentrating on symptom suppression. This approach may sound like an obvious strategy, but in today’s medicine, it’s actually a unique approach. Health Moves provides diligent diagnosis and treatment that will bring you vibrant health, freedom from chronic disease, prevention of illness, relief from pain, and long-lasting results.

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Our Services

As naturopathic physicians, we have a large toolbox full of different treatment modalities. Get scheduled today with one of our providers to get your custom treatment plan setup.

Meet Our Providers

We have multiple providers experienced in helping you feel better. Click on the provider to read more about their specialty and availability.

  • Dr. Brianna EickmeyerNaturopathic Physician and Owner

  • Dr. Tom KlosNaturopathic Physician

  • Dr. Azadeh FaribaNaturopathic Physician

  • Tina McManus, NDNaturopathic Physician

  • Dr. Adilia SappNaturopathic Physician

Our Specialties

While most of our providers are able to provider general care, our providers have some specific conditions that they specialize in. If you don't see your condition or diagnosis listed, please give our office a call to find out who would be the best fit! This list is by no means exhaustive.

Patient Reviews

I couldn’t be more happy with Health Moves. The doctors are thorough, respectful, highly knowledgeable, and truly care about the health and well being of their patients. The office staff, medical assistant, and really every person I’ve had an interaction with at Health Moves are absolutely amazing. I truly love this place and these people!


I am so happy I found Health Moves! Dr. Fariba is so great, she reallytakes the time to listen to all of my questions and concerns. The staff areall very kind and helpful. Thank you!


We have been using Health Moves for over 15 years. This place is where we found answers to our oldest daughter's long-term health issues. This is after we had gone to numerous western medical professionals. By going to Health Moves for many years now, we were able to discover the root health causes for my youngest early on. The front office staff is friendly. The dispensary manager is always
cheerful and diligent.

I see Dr. Renee (Plummer) McKinney now. She is a talented Dr. that listens, pulls the data together, and helps you get on the right course. I've seen Dr. Klos too - he has helped me with back pain and thumb issues. I find great success when following his instructions. I have used their new acupuncturist too and she is very skilled in her profession.

My husband and youngest daughter are seeing Dr. Eickmeyer for their gastro issues. They are grateful for her expertise and treatment plan. They feel heard and appreciate the thorough line of questioning from Dr. Eickmeyer.


My prior doctors would never discuss health issues with me. They'd draw my blood, check my weight and blood pressure and say everything looks good. Since going to Health Moves, they sit down me and go over the details, explaining the information to me and telling where I should be concerned and where I shouldn't be. In addition, we talk about ways to improve the numbers. It's great!


I was recommended to Dr. Eickmeyer by my primary care provider, and my first appointment was over 1 hour long. I was blown away by the way she truly listens and remembers even the littlest details. She even remembered the chair that is most comfortable for me in her office and made sure it was ready at every appointment. How thoughtful! She is on top of patient information current and past, paying close enough attention to make connections about my health that I hadn't even noticed. During my first appointment Dr. Eickmeyer and I discussed my medical history, went through current medical concerns and discussed plans for how bowen could improve my quality of life. She has made me feel important, listened to, and understood. She gave me optimism and hope about my overall condition. On top of all that, that she somehow is always in a happy mood with an optimistic attitude. I think it might be because she truly loves her job as
a doctor helping people.

I recommend Dr. Eickmeyer to anyone looking for a bowen specialist and/or a primary care doctor. She is truly a fantastic doctor who just wants to help her patients feel better.


I love health moves, the doctors and their care! They are skilled and knowledgeable around so many Heath concerns/challenges. Thank you!


I love the docs here! They have been so helpful to me and my family. I love that they take their time with us and really listen to what we are saying. Give them a try.


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