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Our bodies are like our lives – complicated. It's only natural to have a broad toolbox of resources on hand. Naturopathic therapies range from pharmaceutical prescriptions to natural supplements to joint manipulations, utilizing a diverse set of tools and medicines to heal the body. Treatment methods are often paired and combined into a plan, depending on the patient needs and illness.

  • Naturopathic Primary Care

    Naturopathic primary care medicine emphasizes natural therapies, and it's grounded in the philosophy of optimal, resilient health.

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  • Joint Manipulation

    Knee pain, athletic injury, accident trauma, and the general tightness of day-to-day inactivity are all problems that should be treated in an integrated way. Spinal manipulation, a treatment which involves strategies like adjusting or jolting joints, exercise, physical therapy, and more, is a practice NDs are trained in, and it's a practice necessary for a full recovery.

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  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a comprehensive system of medicine with a clinical history of at least 3,000 years. New techniques and developments have continued to develop making acupuncture an important mode of treatment for modern degenerative diseases.

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  • Craniosacral Treatment

    Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a simple, yet highly effective treatment for a variety of conditions. Patients struggling with anything from ADHD to acute stress to chronic pain can benefit from its non-invasive, accessible nature. The therapy experience is one of gentle, light touch, but its effect is strong.

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  • IV Therapy & Injections

    Nutrients are a fundamental principle of good health. One of the most effective, trusted ways to get the body nutrients, including other medicines or formulas, is through IV therapy or injections.

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  • Bowen Therapy

    Bowen therapy activates your body's restorative functions. It may move your tissue and skin, but it actually treats the nervous system – the natural mechanism which holds the keys to recovery.

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  • Functional Testing

    Symptoms are never the full story of what's wrong. In fact, they're your body's response to problems. Compensations for an issue. Just as a fever is your body naturally heating to kill a virus, symptoms are visual, tangible evidence of a deeper problem.

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  • Telemedicine

    Telemedicine, the medical field's application of the virtuality that's become familiar thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, allows for effective healthcare no matter the distance. Secure video conferencing ensures the same privacy and comfort as an in-person visit, except from the ease and safety of your own home.

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